Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Years!

God has truly blessed us in 2010!  It has been a year of change and miracles! 

I guess it really hit me on Christmas morning when I received a hat from my parents.  It was one of those hats with the brim all the way around it.  I had asked for it so that my bald head wouldn't get burn while we are on the mission field.  While I was looking at it, something inside of me said, "You have no use for that here, this hat is for Guyana."  It was like fireworks went off in my heart!  It's Go Time!  God has laid the path before us and the time to begin this new ministry is coming closer!
  Please help us ring in the New Year by getting on your knees and praying for the Carib people of Guyana, and for us as we prepare to minister to them.  We would like to keep you informed of what is going on so starting in January we are going to be doing a six week blog series on the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How, of our journey.  Keep checking in to hear what God is doing or how you can help.

1. God has connected us with a missionary who lived in the town we will be living in, there in Guyana.
2. The house we will be living in will be rented to us for only $150/month.
3. We received a free copy of the Jesus Film in the Carib language.
4. We are at 13% of our financial goal!
5. We only lack $370 to complete our start up budget.
6. Our hearts are growing more in love with the people of Guyana, which we hope to meet in 2011!

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