Monday, January 3, 2011


Of all the people on the earth, of all of the nations in the world, God has called Lindsey and I to work with the Carib people of Guyana.  But the question remains, who are the Carib people? 

The Carib tribe makes up around 2.9% of the population of Guyana.  They come from the Caribbean people who, because of war and slavery, have migrated to almost every country bordering the Caribbean Sea.  The Caribs of Guyana live mainly in the interior of the country.  This is unique considering 90% of the population of Guyana live on the coast. 
These people live fairly simple lives--farming, fishing, mining, and taking care of their families.  Usually this is done without the aid of electricity or cars.  Boats are a big part of transportation for the Carib because they live on or near rivers.
They do not have a written language, which means their communication system is oral {spoken}.  Most of the older generations solely speak Carib, but the younger generation is taught English in school.  Even though there are Caribs in almost every country boardering the Caribbean Sea, each of them speaks a different dialect.  This means if you were to get Caribs from each tribe together they would have difficulty understanding each other.
Lindsey and I are very excited about meeting the Carib people and sharing with them that God has sent His Son to die for their sins!  Please join with us as we pray for this small tribe in Guyana.  They may be few, but they hold a mighty special place in God's heart! 

You might be wondering, how will we translate the Bible into their 'heart language' {native language} if they do not have an alphabet?  Or, if the younger generation is learning English then why not just give them the English Bible?  These are great questions--check back next week for answers to these and more in our "Why?" post!

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