Monday, January 10, 2011


So why Guyana?  Why now?  Why the Carib people?

The funny thing about the question 'Why' is that it is a question that releases a million other questions.  If you need clarity about this then just spend five minutes with a four year old.  'Why is the sky blue?  Why is the earth round?  Why do burgers taste good?...'  So allow me to answer a hand-full of the "Whys"  here, and if you have any other specific questions please email us at

Why Guyana?  Well, in short Lindsey nor I are linguists, and since Wycliffe mainly focuses on translating Scripture, we were very limited as to what jobs were available.  In fact there were only two, Guyana being one of them.  The job there would be in a tribal setting, so since both of us enjoy the outdoors, camping and hiking, we felt like God was pointing us to Guyana.

Why now?  Lindsey and I just passed our 1 year anniversary back in November so we are at a great place in life.  We do not have children, therefore we are a little bit more free to be mobile.  Also, Lindsey had to work four years as a teacher to fulfill her obligation as a Teaching Fellow (college scholarship program).  She just finished her fourth year last June, so she is not tied down to a full time job. 

Why translate into Carib if the children are learning English in School?  Well, everyone has a language that they speak in the mind.  That is what is called their heart language.  It is the voice that you think in to make decisions or to figure things out.  You may be able to speak a number of different languages but to think through difficult situations in another language would be very difficult.  So when it comes to the biggest decision of all, Salvation, we feel everyone should be able to understand that decision in the language they speak in their heart.  English may work for the Carib's in the realm of business, but in Spirit-filled living they need the Bible translated into Carib.

Basically to understand the Why? you have to read Romans 10:13-15.  We are going to Guyana to work with the Carib people because if no one goes to share the love of God, they will never know Salvation!

Check back next week to find out the "What?" in what we will be doing.

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  1. I love how you explained a heart language! Hadn't heard it like that before. Hope ya'll are doing well!