Monday, August 8, 2011

A New Normal

Well we have now been in Guyana for 2 weeks, we are most defiantly experiencing a new normal! God has shown Himself faithful in so many ways. I guess the best way to update you on everything is just to start at the beginning. I'll try to make this short~

Lindsey and I left Greensboro on July 24th early in the morning and arrived in Georgetown, Guyana late that evening. The first few days were spent just trying to get our legs underneath us. We stayed in the capital and did some price checking on things like mattress, washer, and generator. We were staying in the Guyana Bible College, which was pretty nice dispute it had no AC, but we had electricity, and a bed to sleep in. There was also a kitchen area where we could cook so that we didn't have to go out to eat all the time.

One of our new great friends is Brother Codogan. He is a pastor here in Guyana and teacher in the Bible College. He has also offered to drive us around so we can get everything we need and ship it out to the Jungle. Sadly the big ship that goes to Port Kaituma was not at port during our first week, therefore we were not able to buy and ship supplies we would need to paint the house and get things set up. But the show must go on.

My (Jason's) parents got here a few days after we did and they stayed with us in the Bible College. It was really good to see them even though it had only been two days since we last saw them. You have no idea how special family is until you live thousands of miles away from them.

On July 29th we flew on a little 15 passenger plane into Port Kaituma. We landed and reconnected with a missionary friend, Greg Mann who now lives in FL but is down for a visit. We also reconnected with our new neighbors Brother Paul, his son Marcus and his daughter Mezien. Brother Paul has 11 kids, so they did not all get to come to the air strip. For the next week we scrubbed floors, swatted mosquitos, buil counter tops, killed mosquitos, swam in the river, stomped on mosquitos, ate lots of rice and of course sprayed mosquitos!

One day we did travel out to Falls Top which is where we will be working with the Carib tribe. It was really good to see Brother Alan who will be teaching us the Carib language, LORD willing! My parents really enjoyed meeting several of the Carib people and seeing their much simpler way of life. They are wonderful people and I can't wait to be able to talk to them. I cannot even imagine being able to finally share the Gospel with them!

After a week of working in Port Kaituma we all were ready to fly back in the the Capital. I called the airline to confirm out flight only to find out that because of cows on the runway they closed down the airstrip until further notice. We ended up having to board a small boat at 2:30am and ride for two hours in the freezing cold night air (believe it or not is was really cold with the wind blowing through you) then we took a taxi to another village that had a working airstrip. We then took a flight back to the capital. Finally we came to rest at a hotel. It was a long day but a day of seeing the glory of God in the stars, the sun rise, from the sky, and now the ocean, God is so good!

Now we have come to the point of saying good bye to my parents! It was such a blessing to have them here. They started home at 2:15am this morning and should be home this evening. Lindsey and I are about to embark on one of the biggest, life changing adventures we will probably ever know. Praise God! Wherever He leads we will go! Please pray for us and we will be praying for you.

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